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In our web pages we present you the possibilities of an assemblage of our modular furniture. These illustrations are placed there only for your inspiration. The possible combination of the assemblage are as wide as your own fantasy.

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Wardrobes for nurseries, kindergarten and children's rooms

We supply these modular wardrobes and furniture mainly to the kindergartens in EU. The range of units can be prepared according to the wishes and roominess of our customers.

DSC_2615.jpg, 79kB DSC_2738.jpg, 95kB DSC_2897.jpg, 618kB DSC_2900.jpg, 76kB DSC_2862.jpg, 77kB

Further range of goods

Wooden gift boxes

DSC_2645.jpg, 38kB DSC_2646.jpg, 60kB DSC_2647.jpg, 37kB DSC_2648.jpg, 87kB DSC_2649.jpg, 37kB DSC_2650.jpg, 61kB DSC_2651.jpg, 45kB DSC_2652.jpg, 72kB DSC_2653.jpg, 33kB DSC_2688.jpg, 128kB DSC_2719.jpg, 33kB DSC_2721.jpg, 74kB DSC_2724.jpg, 81kB DSC_2726.jpg, 67kB DSC_2728.jpg, 48kB DSC_2729.jpg, 85kB DSC_2815.jpg, 145kB

Tables, side-tables, shelves

DSC_2760.jpg, 101kB DSC_2768.jpg, 106kB DSC_2773.jpg, 38kB DSC_2775.jpg, 75kB DSC_2776.jpg, 34kB DSC_2778.jpg, 83kB DSC_2782.jpg, 62kB DSC_2786.jpg, 90kB DSC_2790.jpg, 139kB DSC_2794.jpg, 111kB DSC_2795.jpg, 109kB DSC_2797.jpg, 64kB DSC_2801.jpg, 33kB DSC_2809.jpg, 194kB DSC_2813.jpg, 64kB DSC_2817.jpg, 81kB DSC_2824.jpg, 117kB DSC_2829.jpg, 90kB DSC_2834.jpg, 44kB DSC_2836.jpg, 25kB DSC_2841.jpg, 31kB DSC_2844.jpg, 15kB DSC_2850.jpg, 62kB DSC_2865.jpg, 128kB
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