PALEČEK CZ spol. s r.o.
Bezručova 694
37821 Kardašova Řečice
IČO: 26038072


The company has been developing since 1991 when it was established under the name Truhlářství Paleček. In 2002 it was renamed Paleček CZ spol. s r.o. (Paleček CZ Ltd.).

Our company has the long-standing experience in the production of its own types of the furniture. Our modular furniture is due to its structural design and easy handling suitable for the furnishing of the nurseries, kindergartens, children's rooms but also of the offices and stores.

Further we offer you the custom manufactured furniture for your office or home. We offer full service from the design elaboration up to the construction (including construction and installation works as house wiring, plumbing and heating installation works). All these services are done by our own qualified employees.

We can also offer you the wooden gift boxes of any measurement and shape.

Our high-quality paint-shop equipment enable us to make the first-class surface on all our products. We use only aqueous paints which are environmentally friendly and satisfy all safety requirements for the production of children's furniture and toys.

Due to our CNC cutting we can produce our furniture in large series with low costs.

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